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Power Render 6 Alpha 2

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The second alpha version Power Render 6 has been released to licensed users on www.powerrender.com. Here is a list of changes: - Ported Q3Convert tool - Ported PRO Edit tool - Ported CHR Edit tool - Added CONSTANT_DIRECTION_LIGHT type, and light->SetDirection function. - Changed graphics clipping coordinates to PRPoint2D - Changed Math distance functions to use PRPoint2D and PRPoint3D parameters - Ported Particles example - Changed NumSegments member in Object class to GetNumSegments function to reflect actual number of segments in list - Changed Constant Lists in Vertex and Pixel shader classes to use STL lists. - Changed PR_free macro to PR.free function, so it can be used outside of the DLL while using the Dll's heap - Added object->AddSegment function - Ported BuildObject example - Ported CameraMovement example - Ported ProjectedShadow example - Changed MP3 Volume to range from 0 to 1 - Removed obsolete 'name' member from PRObject class - Added Character Attachment routines - Ported BSP rendering routines - Lots of fixes and renamed variables

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