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Balls Example and NeHeGLSDL base

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I took the Balls demo from the B page of the Downloads section and tried to port it to SDL using the SDL base. For some reason, the balls won't draw. Can someone please help me out with this? Thanks.

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It's hard to say something without seeing any code or something.

Because I also had such trouble some time ago here're some things you may check for (I don't know the demo exactly so not everything will apply I guess):

- Depth Testing fails
- Stencil Testing fails
- Alpha Testing fails
- Lighting is enabled but no light is specified or the light color is black
- back face culling is enabled but the triangles are reversed or the cull mode is set to the wrong direction
- you forgot to disable a texture stage, so the object is textures without texture coordinates (the texel at 0,0 may be black)
- your matrix isn't set up correctly, so the object is drawn outside of the view frustum or very small
- You are using a special vertex / and or pixel shader but the shader couldn't be loaded (Cg)
- You forgot to set up the matrices for the vertex shader (Cg)

+ Some other things that I may forgot! ;)


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