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DirectSound Problem

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OK - I am trying to get this sound to play (using the MySoundBuffer->Play(0,0,0) function). But it wont. It was a piece of an MP3 I chopped to pieces and then converted to a WAV, using CoolEdit 2000 (trial version, if it matters). Anyway, I know it's not my code cos i've checked it with other wav files and they work fine (these are FX i downloaded as WAVs - no conversion or hacking apart). Now... CoolEdit has a variety of different wav formats (ACM Waveform, Windows PCM, MicroSoft PCM and a few others) and I havent a clue which one a should choose, and what frequency it should be at. I've read that DirectSound supports both 8 bit and 16 bit wavs, so that shouldn't be a problem. Oh yeah im using MSVC 6.0 and DX7. If someone knows of a better sound utility than CoolEdit (its gonna expire in 20 days or so ) please lemme know. Cheers Edited by - jumble on 10/5/00 3:39:35 PM

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You can use .raw files, they''re much easier to load in - but you need to know the frequency, number of channels and bit rate. Anyway, if you don''t mind using too much disk space, I''d go for 16 bit 22050 kHZ sounds, probably Stereo. You don''t need 44100 kHZ - that''ll just slow down the program

I use SoundForge XP, but I don''t know if a shareware version exists or not. I don''t have time to explain anything further right now, but you can email me at TaylorS@soft-tech.com.au if you like.


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