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Request for Pseudo Code -- sprite anims

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Ok. So I've read my C primer books and my Allegro books and I'm confident enough about what I'm doing to start my game. Only one thing eludes me: multiple sprite animations. I've got a big .bmp file with all the idle, running, jumping, crouching anims for my platformer guy, and I've got the necessary frame grabbing algorithm sorted. All I need is some pseudo code to help me organise what I'm doing -- how should I set up my code so that the appropriate anim plays when running left, right, standing, shooting etc? Any help very much appreciated...! Dan

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There are many ways to do it here's one:


//enum all the parts of the animation (parts in your bitmap)
enum moves
JUMP1 //and so on

//structure for source image data (where to copy from in the bitmap)
struct sourceCoordinates
int x1, y1, x2, y2;

//array of source image data (source rectangles)
source mySourceCoordinates =
{0, 0, 10, 10}, //corresponds to STAND1
{10, 0, 20, 10}, //corresponds to STAND2
{20, 0, 30, 10} //and so on

//variable that keeps track of the current animation of a player
int playerMove;

//animation function
void Animate()
//setup sequence (pressing keys, moving around)
//in this case the result of it was RUNLEFT1
playerMove = RUNLEFT1;

int x1 = mySourceCoordinates[playerMove].x1;
int y1 = mySourceCoordinates[playerMove].y1;
int x2 = mySourceCoordinates[playerMove].x2;
//...and so on

//draw the image from your source rectangle here!

That's it, a simple method, probably there are more effective ones but this one works fine to start with.

\Jimmy H

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