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Finding a Good Book (C++)..

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I'm hoping to get a job in the games industry when i graduate for my masters in Software Engineering at the end of next year so i need some help: At present i've been doing games programming for about a yr (2D using DirectX7 and Windows GDI..) and i dont tend to have much problems with.. The real problem is, My general programming knowledge is very good but not at a level i presume will be expected of me when i start going for interviews. For example, I have a very good grasp of basic programming principles, object-orientation and all the theory type stuff you get taught in uni but i'm concerned that there's alot of things that i should know that maybe i wasn't taught in my uni course because its not really relevant knowledge for developing bussiness applications but could be for games programming. Also my uni course has been based around the use of Java mostly (with a little C# and even less Pascal) so i learned C++ by myself but only learned enough to be able to use it (if that makes sense).. little things and extra knowledge around the language and its use in games programming that a guru in the field would know are or may be unknown to me.. Finally, I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on the bulk of knowledge i'd be expected to know to walk into an interview for a games dev company and walk out with a job? Either that or refer me to a really complete book that i could use to improve my knowledge of programming in general? (i have several books on games programming and have read through most of them but i'm wondering if theres things they may have missed as 'expected knowledge'?)

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