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Shadow Volume artefacts

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Im getting these weird lines from my extruded shadow volume. here is the vertex shader:
    float3 Pos = mul(float4(InPos, 1), (float4x3)World);  
    float3 Normal = normalize(mul(InNormal, (float3x3)World));   
    //float4 Pos = mul(float4(InPos, 1), World);
    Out.TextureUV = InTexCoord;
    //generate shadow projection vector
    float3 LightToVertex = -(Pos - LightSource);
    //calculate if current vertex is on a backface
	float backFace = dot(LightToVertex, Normal);
    //extrude backfaces to an arbitrary distance (with smoothing)
    if (backFace < 0.0)
		Pos -= (10*LightToVertex) * (-backFace);
	//transform position to projection-space
    Out.Pos  = mul(float4(Pos, 1), ViewProjection);              // position (projected)
    return Out;

I render one pass to the depthstencil using CCW culling (incrementing stencil) and a second with CW culling and decrementing the stencil value. heres a screen of my problems. what could be wrong?

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