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George Duckett

DX9: Vertex Buffers and flickering

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I have the following code to use up the remainder of a VB:
if(m_iBufferSize - m_iCurrentPosition - 3 > 0) //-3 because we the largest group of vertices is a triangle
	{ //If we have space for at least one vertex in this buffer, then put it in
		VerticesToRender = min(RemainingVerticesCount,m_iBufferSize - m_iCurrentPosition);
		m_pVertexBuffer->Lock(m_iCurrentPosition * iVertexSize,

		RemainingVerticesCount -=VerticesToRender;
		TL2DRemainingVertices += VerticesToRender;
		L3DRemainingVertices += VerticesToRender;
			g_pD3DDevice->DrawPrimitive(PrimitiveType,m_iCurrentPosition,VerticesToRender - 2);
			g_pD3DDevice->DrawPrimitive(PrimitiveType,m_iCurrentPosition,VerticesToRender / 3);
		m_iCurrentPosition = 0; //Don't move the current positoin along since it causes flickering
		//If i uncomment the following two lines flickering occurs!!

		//m_iCurrentPosition += VerticesToRender;
		//if(m_iCurrentPosition == m_iBufferSize) m_iCurrentPosition = 0;
Note, if i change the lock mode to D3DLOCK_NOOVERWRITE i get random polygons drawn (i.e. garbage rendered). I've looked at numerous examples here and elsewhere, but just can't work out where the problem lies, or what i'm doing wrong. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

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I am coding an engine in C# w/ Managed DX and we were having random artifacts being rendered from our IndexBuffer. The problem turned out that we weren't calling device.SetIndices = mibTerrain; (where mibTerrain = our IndexBuffer). There is a method in C# called device.SetStreamSource(VertexBufferToSetToHere); and I think there is an equivalent in C++. Make sure that you are setting your stream source to your VertexBuffer before drawing to the screen. Not sure if that helps any, but it fixed our problem.


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Thanks for your reply.

I've just double-checked and i'm definatly setting the stream source correctly.
FYI i'm not using indexed buffers at all, so that couldn't be a problem.

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Try this:
Control panal->DirectX->Direct 3D tab

Change from Debug version of DirectX to retail version.

If you are useing Visual Studio you can do the same from:

This fixed the problem for me once.

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