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function passing error

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ok there is something wrong with doing this
M = new Map(100, 100, tilelistvec,16,16,TileArray,szFiles,64);//intializing all member variables 
thats the .cpp implementation
Map(int width, int height, vector<Tile*> tilelistvec,
    int tileheight, int tilewidth,
    Tile *m_tilelist[64],string *szFiles[64],int f);   //intializing all member variables 
thats the .h decleration
void Map::DrawMap(SDL_Surface *screen,vector< vector<int> > MapOver,int tilelistsize) //draws a map to the specafied surface
    int x , y;//our cordaninths
    vector<Tile*> tilelist;
    int index;
    int a = GetHeight();
    int b = GetWidth();
    for (int i = 0; i < a; i++) {//y loop
      for(int j = 0; j < b; j ++) {//x loop
         index = MapOver[j];//get map over ////easyer imput storing it in seprate variable
         SDL_Rect dest;  //the rect
         dest.x = j;//this will eventually be changed to j*the tile length
         dest.y = i;//this will eventually be changed to i*tile_length
         SDL_BlitSurface(tilelist[index]->GetImage(),NULL, screen, &dest);//draw the tile
    SDL_Flip(screen);//dont flip till the end

thats the .cpp definition for some reason it gives me this error main.cpp: In function `void draw()': main.cpp:22: error: no matching function for call to `Map::Map(int, int, std::vector<Tile*, std::allocator<Tile*> >&, int, int, Tile*[64], std::string[64], int)' Map.h:8: error: candidates are: Map::Map(const Map&) Map.h:15: error: Map::Map(int, int, std::vector<Tile*, std::allocator<Tile*> >, int, int, Tile**, std::string**, int) make.exe: *** [main.o] Error 1 thanks for your help Execution terminated [Edited by - Fruny on October 7, 2004 6:21:10 PM]

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In draw map you're asking for a vector<vector<int> > [2d array of ints] and you're trying to pass it a vector<vector<Tile *> > [2d array of Tile pointers] so the compiler barfs.

[edit: er, never mind. the actual error message is for Map::Map, either way you're trying to pass the 3rd parameter something that it's not expecting.]

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