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Sourceworld, request for content.

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Sourceworld is an Online Information Sharing Community. It is a site for generating Open Source content. Intended to be a cross between Forums and Wikis, it provides users with the tools needed to collect, organize and share the information they want. To make the site valuable, it needs content to be created by the community. While I realize that it is a bit too much to ask for complete documents to be created from scratch, I request that if you have existing bits (answers to forum questions, tutorials, etc.) that you have written that are just floating around, you place them on the site. Also, just asking questions will also help a great deal. [Edited by - cravikiran on November 11, 2004 4:21:16 PM]

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looking good =) don't have anything to contribute except three pointers:
1) You misspelled SourceForge =)
2) Make your link a clicky with normal html tags, like this.
3) You might get more help with content in the Help Wanted forum

Good luck!

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Hey great idea.

Just a question. What happens if there is a disagreement over the placement of categories?

Web Development >
Design >
* Beginning the Process
* Flash
* Graphics
* Layout
Programming >
* .NET
* ActionScript
* ColdFusion
* Databases
* javascript
* JSP/Java
* Various Others
* VBScript
Web Standards >

Now what happens, if I were to say that Flash should be under programming and it seems to be out of place under "Design" with "Graphics" and "Layout" ? Can there be a Flash category in both?

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