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Todd Casey

1 Video Card -> 2 Monitors

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You could go to Radio Shack and by a video "Y"-splitter. I have seen them before for companies that use one computer to report a status to several monitors (robitic status).

It will only show identical output to both screens so if you are planning on using the second monitor for DX debug, it won''t work.


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I''m running 2 video cards and one monitor
I got a reverse splitter, its a monitor switchbox.
So when I debug I have to switch it to display debug output from my other card.

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Just get a dual headed graphics card. Matrox do some nice ones, unfortunately lately i''ve gone off them cos my old one (G400 Millineum Max) fried when the fan failed (lasted about 3 months). [grumble]

With the drivers you can select what output you want on both the monitors - e.g one big desktop, same output... etc

Oh btw im not sure if they supply drivers for other OS''s other than Windoze

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