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Scrolling Game

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(excuse my english i''m french) So, you are writing a 2d scrolling game ! It''s good for a begginner to think like that (Map[x][x]...) for your tiles. But if you need help to optimize your project you can ask me questions. I''m only fifteen years old but i started 3 years ago (Qbasic - Vbasic - Pascal - C and now C++ with DirectX 7 Sdk). I''am also doing a scrolling game. There one person for coding (me), a artist for pictures and somebody who is making sounds and story. In this project I don''t use tiles like 32x32, i prefer complexes tiles (with diagonals). When you know how to do it''s not very hard: you only need maths (with equations like y=1/4x). There are two backgrounds (one far and the other for others things like houses...). To finish, if you want to participate on my project or need help with DirectX, c++, and game programming in general write me to I will have a web site (not now..don''t have enough time) at (in french !!!) _________________________________________________________________

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