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Distorted screen shows up after my app closes...

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This is a weird (and bad) bug. My game runs fine it's written in c++ and DX 9.0c, but if after I run it.. If I run something like a java game, my entire screen gets covered in a garbaged up image of my game. Obviously I'm not cleaning up after myself properly, but I'm not sure what it is. Here's my cleanup code:

	//Game finished, so destroy game objects
	LogInfo("<br>Finish Game:");


	// Delete Mesh's

	//Game finished, so save statistics to log
	DWORD dwDuration = (m_dwEndTime - m_dwStartTime) / 1000;
	if((dwDuration != 0)&&(m_dwFrames != 0))
		//Log stats
		LogInfo("<li>Start Time (ms): %d", m_dwStartTime);
		LogInfo("<li>End Time (ms): %d", m_dwEndTime);
		LogInfo("<li>Duration (s): %d", dwDuration);
		LogInfo("<li>Total Frame Count: %d", m_dwFrames);
		LogInfo("<li>Average FPS: %d", (m_dwFrames / dwDuration));
		LogInfo("<li>Total Polygons: %d", m_dwTotalPolygons);
		LogInfo("<li>Average Polygons per Frame: %d", (m_dwTotalPolygons / m_dwFrames));
		LogInfo("<br>No statistics to report");


Here's my engine class:
class DXEngine : public CBase
	virtual ~DXEngine();
	// Global functions
	bool Initialise(HINSTANCE hInst, HWND hWnd, UINT nWidth, UINT nHeight);
	void MessageLoop();

	// Meshes
	CMesh* m_pEarth;

	// Fonts
	FontEngine m_font;


	// DirectX Variables
	LPD3DXSPRITE m_pd3dxSprite; // Interface to Sprite routines
	LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER9 m_pVertexBuffer; // The vertex buffer

	DWORD m_dwFrames;
	DWORD m_dwStartTime;
	DWORD m_dwEndTime;
	DWORD m_dwTotalPolygons;
	DWORD m_word;

	// 3d Graphics functions
	bool InitialiseLights();
	D3DFORMAT CheckDisplayMode(UINT nWidth, UINT nHeight, UINT nDepth);;
	bool InitialiseD3D(HWND hWnd, UINT nWidth, UINT nHeight);
	HRESULT InitialiseVertexBuffer();
	bool InitialiseGame();
	void Render();
	void SetupCamera();
	void RenderEarth();
	void CreateExplosion(D3DXVECTOR3 location);

	// Particle systems
	ParticleSys m_explosion1;
	ParticleSys m_explosion2;

	// 2d Graphics functions
	HRESULT BltSprite( D3DXMATRIX matWorld, LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 pSrcTexture, RECT *pSrcRect, DWORD dwFlags );
	LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 LoadTexture(char *filename);

	HRESULT Draw2d(LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 pSrcTexture, RECT *pSrcRect, D3DXVECTOR3 trans, float scale, DWORD dwFlags );

	void DrawShip(SPACESHIP player);
	void DrawBullets(BULLETSET bullets);
	void DrawBackground();
	void DrawLives();
	void DrawLoser();
	void DrawCountDown();
	// Direct Input
	DXInput Input;
	void ProcessKBInput();

	// Timer class
	Timer Timer;

	// Gameplay Variables
	GameModes gameMode;
	SPACESHIP m_player1;
	SPACESHIP m_player2;

	BULLETSET m_player1Bullets;
	BULLETSET m_player2Bullets;

	// Global class
	GLOBALS global;

	// Gameplay Functions
	void NewGame();
	void GameMain();

	//void ProcessKBInput();
	void HandleObjects();
	void MoveBullets();
	void BulletCollisionDetect();

	// MikHaven - mikhaven@hotmail.com
	float MenuCursorX;
	float MenuCursorY;
	GameStates state;
	void InitialiseMenu();
	void ProcessKBMenu();
	void RenderMenu();

I'm obviously not cleaning up something proplerly, anyone know what?

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You should release your objects in the reverse order that you created them so:

Release in this order

<Sprites, vbs, etc.>, then D3DDevice and last D3D...

I hope that will fix it

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my debugger says: Direct3D9: (ERROR) :Total Memory Unfreed From Current Process = 52952 bytes

How do I track down what isn't being freed?

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Try reading about memory; specifically allocation and deallocation. Basically what you have is a memory leak if im not mistaken; or you could use something like mmgr to override your new and delete commands and it should take care of it for you and give you information where its leaking.

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Is mmgr something I can download for free? Where do I get it? I'm using microsoft visual studio .net 2003

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