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Collision Detection (again)

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Blue*Omega    150
what is the most accurate form of collision detection? I don''t really care about spped at the moment so anything will do. ----------------------------- Blue*Omega (Insert Witty Quote Here)

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grhodes_at_work    1385
Nonmanifold boolean operations on swept NURBS surfaces? The ACIS (, Parasolid (, and SHAPES ( toolkits do this. You don''t have the time to figure it out yourself, and the toolkits are massively expensive. We use ACIS for some work we do that involves moving objects intersecting terrain and it is very very accurate, but also not at all fast.

There may be an exception to the expensive rule. I think you may be able to get ACIS for free now (since they were bought by Dassault who have a different agenda) for development purposes, and you just have to pay if you sell a product/game. (There may be some kind of partner fees, though.) But still it is simply way too slow for anything close to real-time.

The most accurate way to do things on a mesh is probably precise triangle-to-triangle intersection with some kind of sorting and collection for triangle meshes.

Graham Rhodes
Senior Scientist
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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