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OpenGL Light moving in OpenGL

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Ive been working on a primitive openGL 3d engine. The I implemented it, the light position is set in the initGL() function. Every loop in the DrawScene() function, the modeling matrix is obviously translated/rotated and then drawn again on the screen. My performance DIES when i redeclare the light position in the DrawScene() function every time it is invoked. If i comment out my reasertion of the light position, the engine FLIES but the lighting is obviously screwed up because the light stays constant relative to the players position, not the level. (i.e. the light is always the the front left of the player instead of in a constant position in the level). Is there any way to avoid the performance reduction? Thanks -Drew

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I can''t see a reason why performance would die when you moved a light around... Does it go down to 1 frame every few seconds or so, because if that''s the case your driver is switching the renderer to software mode because it can''t support an operation that you are doing. But if it just slows down a couple fps then perhaps you are using the light functions incorrectly and/or have a state set incorrectly.

I can''t get too much more specific without further info on your problem (code, description) though..


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