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Boku San

SDL on Windows - Easier way to resize?

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Ok, sorry if this has already been asked a hundred times already, just, uh...delete it and PM me with a link if it has, I guess. Is there an easy way to resize the window on...windows? I know Linux got the SDL_WM_blahblah() whatever it was that doesn't work, and I ended up using
case SDLK_F1:
   flags ^= SDL_FULLSCREEN;
   if(screen == NULL)
      cerr << "SDL_SetVideoMode() Failed: " << SDL_GetError() << endl;
And uh...it didn't take too long to figure out (re-setup everything after resizing), but I'm just wondering if there was an easier way or if I wasted 10 minutes of my life. Thanks.

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You can't keep the OpenGL context on Windows when changing pixel formats, so switching between windowed and fullscreen modes usually requires everything to be reinitialised. However, I use an Evil Hack for resizing in windowed modes:

SDL_Surface * SDL_SetVideoMode_Win32Hack(int width, int height, int bpp, Uint32 flags)
SDL_Surface *window = SDL_GetVideoSurface();

if (window && !(window->flags & SDL_FULLSCREEN) && !(flags & SDL_FULLSCREEN))
SDL_SysWMinfo info;
info.version.major = SDL_MAJOR_VERSION;
info.version.minor = SDL_MINOR_VERSION;
info.window = NULL;
if (SDL_GetWMInfo(&info))
RECT rect;

rect.left = rect.top = 0;
rect.right = width;
rect.bottom = height;
DWORD style = GetWindowLong(info.window, GWL_STYLE);
(style & WS_CHILDWINDOW) ? FALSE : GetMenu(info.window) != NULL,
GetWindowLong(info.window, GWL_EXSTYLE));

Uint32 prevFlags = window->flags;
window->flags |= SDL_RESIZABLE; // Prevent SDL from stopping resize
0, 0,
rect.right - rect.left, rect.bottom - rect.top,
window->flags = prevFlags;

window->w = width;
window->h = height;
{ // Create new window
window = SDL_SetVideoMode(width, height, bpp, flags);
/*** Do normal stuff here ***/

Just replace SetVideoMode with SDL_SetVideoMode_Win32Hack when on Windows and it does the trick. I made some modifications to it before posting, so hopefully I didn't stuff anything up :)

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