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Graphics Artist Needed

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Hi there!! I am making a game based on the Final Fantasy Series, but one thing my team is still missing is a graphics artist, who is serious and can do 3d models + 2d backgrounds. Even if you can only do a small amount it would be appreciated, as we will need more than one artist anyway. If you are interested in helping out, e-mail me at DON''T post a reply to this message!! ------------------------------ Simon Jones- Games Musician Extrodinaire!!

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Id be interested.
Im also about to do some stuff for the gauntlet style project.
Im currently learning blender, to make some tiles n stuff for the
gauntlet project.
(im experienced in 3dmax, adobe, and currently learning blender)
Id LOVE to get my hands on a full version of max
Anyhow.. let me know
p.s "final fantasy is da BOMB"


?What limits?

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