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Feedback on this engine layout ...

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Hello all, This is my first post on gamedev.net. So please go easy on me =). I'm working on my first game engine, well 2nd really, first was very small. But I believe I have came up with a descent engine layout. What I have, as of now, is a modular design. Core.dll -------- Contains the heart of the engine, really the engine itself. I'm trying to keep it dependant from DirectX or OpenGL as much as possible that way it can just load the proper rendering dll and wrap its calls from there. renderdx9.dll ------------- Right now this is my first rendering dll. It holds, as it's name suggests, the actual DirectX 9.0 api calls. Basically, the functions contained inside would be wrapped into a format the core.dll can talk to without the core.dll being dependant on directx 9.0 or what ever the rendering dll is dependant of. Frontend.exe ------------ Basically, just a entry point into the engine. It's very small in file size b\c all its doing currently is just calling the init of the core.dll and letting the core.dll handle everything else (life of the engine and app). [Not implemented yet] Client.dll ---------- Game specific, client side coding. Server.dll ---------- Game specific, server side coding. Basically, rule sets such as game rules, and sanity checks against the clients. Why would I adapt this design you might ask ? Well, after working on several mods, and just sitting down and thinking it through. I came to the conclusion that this seems to be a fairly, very solid, module approach. The only draw back is that it's a very advance design scheme. As in, its very simple, or alot simplier to just incorporate all your game coding into 1 exe and make it Direct X 9.0 for example and let it be. The hardest part, and one I haven't got to as of right now, is how to exactly wrap the DirectX calls from the render dll into a format so that the core.dll can send and communicate with it in a way that the core.dll is not tied to including any display system such as directx or opengl. That is going to be the whopper of it all I believe. Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has any impressions about this layout or ideas, or comments. I'm simply in the design phase and basically got the frontend.exe and core.dll going right now. I geuss, I just like getting feedback and seeing road blocks and things I can't see looking from the inside. Need the outside perspective on the situation more or less. Anyways, I appreciate the replies and comments ... Thx alot, and hope to be around for future posts as this project plays out ... =) -Axis

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