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Who will reign supreme? The console wars.

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I always like sturring up conversations to see what other people''s opinions are. Just wanted to ask who do you think will reign supreme? (taking account for ALL of the factors:sales, fun, games, power, etc.) 1)X-Box 2)PS2 3)Indrema 4)Gamecube My personal opinion is that it will be a close run between PS2 and GameCube. X-Box third and Indrema fourth. Even though I''ve always been a Nintendo fan (8 bit-64) and have never owned a playstation, I think that PS2 will be crowned king. They have great marketing strategies and they are already putting out 1 year in advance. But that''s just my opinion. Who knows what will happen in this day and age! RyanC --------------------------- Games are only as good as you make them...

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