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In support of Jeff

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NeHe 2000-10-05: "I know a few of you are choked that I'm not getting the tutorials out as quickly as you'd like. I'm really not trying to make you guys wait. Truthfully, I haven't been feeling to great the past few days. Plus I have alot of very important things to think about right now, I'm coding stuff when I have the time, working on tutorial html when I have the time, work is back to being very stressful, orders for the cd have been just insane, things with my brother have gotten bad (close to dialysis), and my mom from what I'm told is in pain every day. Lots of life stress, perhaps the reason I feel so crappy, then again, maybe it's my turn to be unhealthy Just know that I am working my butt off, if the tutorials take awhile to be released, that just means they'll be that much better when they are released! " In a few years virtual reality will be as common as cell phones are today and every creator will know that Jeff Molofee was one of those who spread the knowledge, for free, at a time when game companies were doing their best to hog all they knew to themselves. Don't let yourself down Jeff, love your mom and keep up the good work! Those who appreciate it are more numerous than you think. Edited by - Keermalec on 10/7/00 1:38:45 AM

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I agree that NeHe is a powerful force for "good."

However, please don''t demonize all game companies.

I work for a game company, and I''m here trying to help just like NeHe is.

I just found out about NeHe, so I may not be helping much yet. But I am spreading the word.. It''s true that I can''t post trade secrets (EG: company property) .. but I''ll do what I can in good faith at least until I''m asked to stop.

Not all game companies are trying to keep people from learning OpenGL. In fact, I want more people to learn it so we (people on this planet) can make better stuff.

It''s also important to know that knowledge isn''t everything. It''s one facet. Often the difference between an awesome product and nothing is the quirk chance to put in some effort at the right time and the right place.

There are plenty of qualified people not using their skills out there, but are instead out having a good time (riding their bicycle, drinking beer, hanging w/girl, etc).

Here''s to those who give up their fun time to create fun time for others. In essence, the "givers" such as NeHe.

With that being said, I''m going to a Bar-B-Que.

I''ll probably post later tonight...

- Aaron

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