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occlusion culling + oct tree

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I would like to use this approach for my own project, but I honestly have no clue how It would work. (test nodes laying behind other nodes based upon there z-order) would be my best guess, but that's rather vague. Also, just a quick question: if you place bsp maps in a level with a terrain, how do you get "seemless integration"? Do you simply check the terrain(quadtree) as you normally would and then check the bsp map, or is the bsp map included into a quadtree node? Also,I can't see where it would be feasible to use a quadtree for the terrain, an octtree for other static meshes and then a bsp map... wouldn't that be horribly slow and memory hungry? How does a game like ut2004 work? Alrighty, sorry about the multiple questions. Im just trying to figure out what I should use. Im working on a 3rd/first person game that should have a large outdoor world and decently sized indoor areas (well, like ureal tournament 200X). ~Jason

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