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advanced ms3d animation

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After reading another thread here on IK, I spent about 4 hours looking for information/articles etc on it. I learned how to do basic skeletal animation from Brett Porters tutorial but I can't seem to find any clear information on more advanced animation. First off: IK and animation blending, from what Ive read so far, animation blending is only possible through ik. I thaught that ik was only used to make predefined animations physically correct? All I want to do is be able to create an animation engine that will alow me to play say 3 animations at the same time and then have anyone of these animations smoothly fade to the next. Also, Im curious how I could make the characters head and upper body move with the camera, like when you look upwards, the models head looks up! I figured that this would be done by telling the bone labled as "neck" to move accordingly... rough example: bone["neck"].y += camera.rotation.pitch; While the above is a "should have" the previous is deffentially is a must. Again, Im not looking at creating a FarCry,Doom3, UT animation clone (although I would like to know the detials bihind that them), I just want to create a descent animation engine for a game. Thanks a lot! ~Jason. Ps. Is the progressive mesh algo worth looking into for model lod?

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