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Indexed Primitives with Maya exporter

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I'm trying to write a maya exporter that will export textured geometry that will in turn be read-in by a DirectX program that I'm currently writing. I want to utilize an index buffer to load the geometry with in my DirectX program, but I'm getting confused on how to handle shared vertices between different faces (the vertex position is the same, but the U/Vs might be different, since each face might have a different texture). In Maya, an index buffer of sorts is used per-face to index a giant vertex list. However, each face also has its own list of UV coordinates. So Maya gets away with using an index buffer of its own by de-coupling vertex UV info with vertex position info. Since UV info is part of the vertex format in DirectX, I can't really do that. My question is: how should I export the mesh so that I can utilize an indexed buffer in my program? At worst I'll just create a giant vertex buffer with lots of duplicated vertices. But I know that's very inefficient and I'd really prefer using an index buffer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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The same with 3D Studio max.
Take a box for example:
8 vertices, 12 faces, 24 normals, 24 uvs

What do ?
You can assume that when it gets to the maximum, you will require:
#numvertices = #numfaces * 3(vertices per face)

for ( every face ) do
for ( every wedge in face ) do
if ( buffer.vertex = face.wedge.vertex && buffer.uv = face.wedge.uv && buffer.normal = face.wedge.normal )
Allready buffered
buffer[numbuffered].vertex = face.wedge.vertex;
buffer[numbuffered].uv = face.wedge.uv;
buffer[numbuffered].normal = face.wedge.normal;

You have to remap to the new face indexes.

No other way arround.

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What you need to do is keep a vector of vertices.

As your iterating through the mesh try this

if VERTEX != exist in vertexList
pushBack VERTEX
indexBuffer.pushBack( indexBuffer.size() - 1 )
else if exists
int index = find index that it exists in
indexBuffer.pushBack( index );
end if

Hope this algo helps

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