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Splock (formerly Blockheads) Beta v1.4 from Sin City Games

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Hello. Sin City Games has a new beta version of the game Blockheads, renamed Splock. You can read the original thread about Blockheads here. The current version is beta 1.4. Major changes between versions beta 1.0 and 1.4 are as follows. - Changed default size of gamespace from 7x7x16 to 7x7x10 (this size can still be overridden using the settings.dat file, as described in the previous thread). - Changed the way in which blocks are destroyed. Now, when three consecutive blocks of the same color come to rest, they form a "color fuse" which destroys the entire color chain in which that color fuse is contained (i.e., a red color fuse will destroy itself AND any red cubes touching it). - Level now advances with 5 primary destructions instead of 10. - A new drill is now awarded after 3000 points instead of 500. - Bombs are much more destructive. They now destroy everything within a 2 block radius instead of a 1 block radius. - Added animations to translation and color rotation of blocks. - Added bounce to stones. - Added particle effects for exploding blocks. We hope with these changes, the game is now more pleasing to look at. Also, it gets harder faster, so the player can get through the initial levels quicker. Here are the current keyboard controls: 1 - Start the game 2 - Toggle the camera wobble on/off F5 - Pause W, A, S, D - Translate piece Space - Rotate colors Cursor keys - Rotate camera Q - Quick drop E - Activate/deactivate bomb R - Activate/deactivate drill The final release of the game will allow the player to customize the controls. NOTE: In the original post, I neglected to mention the key command for Color Rotation (space), which is actually quite important! The webpage for the game can be found here. We encourage everyone to download and play the game and tell us what you think. And, as mentioned in the first post, here is the feedback we're looking for: 1) If the program doesn't run, please let me know what any/all error messages are. 2) Framerate. There is an fps indicator in the lower left corner. When giving framerate feedback, PLEASE also tell us your system specs. 3) Opinions on gameplay parameters, and how/if you think they should be modified. This would include things like: gamespace dimensions (length, width and depth), rate at which blocks fall, rate at which fallrate increases with higher levels, average percentage of stones, the way in which points are awarded, the way in which levels increase, method for acquiring additional drills and bombs, key bindings, etc. 4) Opinions on aesthetics. This would include things like colors used, how much screen space each viewport uses, fonts used, the geometry of the different types of pieces, placement of things on the screen, etc. 5) How fun you think the game is. Is it worth it? If you don't think it's that fun, how would you change it? What would you like to see changed, added, or removed? 6) Bugs. Please report any bugs that you find to us. 7) Anything else you want to say about it. And again, thanks in advance for everyone's feedback. -- Sean Monahan Sin City Games

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