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ray and obb intersect test problem!

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class OBB { public: Vector3 mDiamesions;//dimensions along local axes, x, y, z Vector3 mTrans; //translate Quaternion mOrientation; } ; class Ray { public: Vector3 mOrigin; Vector3 mDirection; } ; //ÅжÏÉäÏßÓëOBBÊÇ·ñÏཻ inline bool RAY_OBB_CLIP(float fDenom, float fNumer, float *pfT0) { if (fDenom > 0.0f) { if (fNumer > (fDenom * (*pfT0))) *pfT0 = fNumer / fDenom; return true; } else if (fDenom < 0.0f) { if (fNumer > (fDenom * (*pfT0))) return false; return true; } return (fNumer <= 0.0f); } bool isRayAndOBBIntersect(const Ray& ray, const OBB& obb) { Vector3 kDiff, kOrigin, kDirection, kTmp; Matrix3 kRot; V3Subtract(&kDiff, &ray.mOrigin, &obb.mTrans); obb.mOrientation.toRotationMatrix(kRot); kRot.getColumn(0, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kOrigin.x, &kDiff, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kDirection.x, &ray.mDirection, &kTmp); kRot.getColumn(1, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kOrigin.y, &kDiff, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kDirection.y, &ray.mDirection, &kTmp); kRot.getColumn(2, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kOrigin.z, &kDiff, &kTmp); V3DotProduct(&kDirection.z, &ray.mDirection, &kTmp); float fT0 = 0.0f; const Vector3& vDiam = obb.mDiamesions; bool bNotEntirelyClipped = RAY_OBB_CLIP(+kDirection.x, -kOrigin.x - vDiam.x, &fT0) && RAY_OBB_CLIP(-kDirection.x, +kOrigin.x - vDiam.x, &fT0) && RAY_OBB_CLIP(+kDirection.y, -kOrigin.y - vDiam.y, &fT0) && RAY_OBB_CLIP(-kDirection.y, +kOrigin.y - vDiam.y, &fT0) && RAY_OBB_CLIP(+kDirection.z, -kOrigin.z - vDiam.z, &fT0) && RAY_OBB_CLIP(-kDirection.z, +kOrigin.z - vDiam.z, &fT0); if (bNotEntirelyClipped && (fT0 != 0.0f)) return true; return false; } This is my ray and obb intersect test code, copy and modify from neo-engine. But the code test result is not correct. Who can help me to find out the errors? Thx.

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