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Direct X 8.0 w/ help

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Ok so I have C++ compiler and im trying to install Direct x 8.0. The book tha i have has the instalation set up for VS C++ 6.0 and its pretty different then the .net Can anyone tell me how to set up my Direct X to work with my .net compiler. I am using the book The Zen of Direct 3D Game Programming, the cd that is in it so if anyone is familer with this book then ch.2 the install is where I am having the trouble. Thank you. Randy

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I use BCB6 myself, and have not had any experiance with that book, or Visual C++. what I *can* say is this:

1)Run the DirectX SDK, and install it to somthing like "C:\\DxSDK"
2)When you create your new project in C++, under your project settings, under your include folder paths, add(i'm going from memory here, so the paths might be *slightly* wrong) before any other paths, "C:\\DxSDK\Includes" and under your Library paths(again before any other paths), add "C:\\DxSDK\Libs"
3)Add the required "*.lib" files that you need.
4)Include the "*.h" files that you need for your project

I hope this helps


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