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Using the Z-Buffer as a Render Target

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At the end of my frame, when I no longer need to write or read the zbuffer again, I use the zbuffer as a render target. I go between the framebuffer and the zbuffer to do some multipass image processing effects on the screen, without having to allocate another buffer. This works great, but it is a tad slower than I thought it would be. By replacing the zbuffer with a standardly created secondary buffer, I get a speed increase. But, I cannot afford the memory to do this. So after running some profilers on it, I finally uncovered a warning that, because the z-buffer is zcompressed, it is slow to use it as an actual texture, and it reccomended turning off zcompression before I used it. Is it possible for me to turn off zcompression on the zbuffer before I start this effect, and then turn it back on aftwards so it can be back to normal for the next frame?

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