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Does this change anything?

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Unless you read something to hint at that, then I would assume no, but I'm not going to read the article, as I only use Photoshop.

Traditionally, if a product isn't broken and it's bought out, then the new owner isn't going to fix it. Many companies with quality products yet poor overall company revenue (or maybe just a sweet deal comes along) that get bought out seem to remain the same even if the parent company releases the same product. Like Compaq/HP or SNK/Playmore to name a couple. If Corel's smart they'll know that PSP is a popular painting program because of what it is, and won't try to merge it with a less-favored painting program (at least I seem to see a lot more people use PSP in favor of Corel on Deviantart among other places).

If worse comes to worse, just hang on to the latest version of PSP, it ain't going nowhere.

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