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FreeType2 bad?

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The_Nerd    100
Ok, I run over to the FreeType2 web page because I see that people are using it. Then I see things that say something allong the lines of: Your fonts will look like crap unless you buy a licence from Apple. Btw _|_ -.- _|_ @ Apple anyway. I used to like Apple but now I just say "**** you!" right in their face! You shouldn't be able to patent algorithyms! So whats the deal? Should I use FreeType2 in my 3D engine, or is it a bad idea?

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Monder    993
From the FreeType site
Is FreeType 2 affected by the patents ?

The answer is no for any recent build of FreeType 2, since it comes with a "auto-hinting" module that was specifically designed to completely ignore the TrueType bytecodes.

However, the source code for the bytecode interpreter is still available and can be toggled on at compile time, for those that want to use it anyway

So feel free to use Freetype 2 in your engine. I've written a font renderer in OpenGL using it and I certainly didn't specifically toggle on the bytecode interpreter with patent restrictions on it and everything looks fine.

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