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shipping directx9 with game?

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I've got a directx 9 game almost finished. I want to release it as shareware. How do I include directx9 with my game so the user doesn't have to download it from microsoft's web site?

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Remember, there is also a special set of interfaces included in DirectX called DirectSetup. These interfaces will automatically:

- Determine the current version of DX, and determine if an upgrade is necessary
- Copy the appropriate files to the system32 dir
- Register the DX objects

This is pretty complex, hard to test, and even harder to fix (if you get it wrong), so it's good to have this set of functionality.

It can be kinda hard to find in the SDK docs, so either looks for "DirectSetup" in the Index, or follow the following contents path:

- The DirectX Software Development Kit
 - DirectX Reference
  -DirectSetup Reference

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