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Game Tree Creation

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James2130    122
I need help from a smart person who knows about game state trees and their creation. I have to create a game state tree for a game called 'Fifteen' in which 2 players alternately pick a number between 1 and 9, removing it from the list of available digits and adding it to his/her total. Totals start at 0. The objective of the game is for each player to be the first to reach a total of 15 using the digits they have picked. If both players go over this amount then it is a draw. For Example: The first player can choose any digit, 1-9 beause none have been taken already. The second player, however, cannot pick the digit that player one just picked, so he only has 8 options to choose from. The digits available to the second player are determined by what the first player didnt choose in his first move. The problem is, i have to write an algorithm to create the entire game state tree. I have been given Tree ADT operations which include, Create, isEmpty, isLeaf, Add, Delete, Find to create it. I am also allowed to use other ADT's such as Stacks and Queues and i MUST create my own Node record structure to hold all data needed for the tree creation process. I have been looking on the net for information on how to create a game state tree either recursively or iteratively but ive had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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ToohrVyk    1596
Well, in such a simple game, game states are represented by:
- Who is the next player?
- Who owns what number.

The children of a node are simply the states that might happen after the next player chooses a number (so a node has N children, where N is the amount of numbers left).

However, this is not a great idea, as your tree would contain O(n!) leaves, which is not acceptable (as in: a tree is not a great idea for this, since a given state can be reached in different ways, and as such find itself in two different subtrees).

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