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Why in my computer, MaxActiveLights = -1 or 0 ?!

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Hi I have a question about MaxActiveLights: "Directx Caps Viewer" shows that MaxActiveLights = -1 !! Obviously its impossible to have -1 lights. So I was thinking what does this -1 indicate. And the only explanation that I came up with was this: DirectX Help : "For a given physical device, this capability (MaxActiveLights) might vary across Device objects, depending on the parameters supplied to the Device constructor." So we cant say what is the value of MaxActiveLights before we now how many devices we have and what parameters do they have? And therefore "Directx Caps Viewer" shows this -1 to indicate the ambiguity of the value? And I have another question with regard to this: when I use this code to ascertain the value of MaxActiveLights in my program: Direct3D.Caps cp = new Direct3D.Caps(); MessageBox.Show(cp.MaxActiveLights.ToString()); The value that I get is 0!! Why is that? (I have tested this practically and I have been able to create 3 or 4 lights, and maybe I could have made more lights (active lights) if I wanted to, so obviously MaxActiveLights = 0, doesnt make any sense.) Thanks in advance.

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