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Darklaga : Demo & Gold

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Hello, I've been receiving and giving (mostly receiving) help on this forum for quite a long time now, and it looks like, at long last, I have here with me a commercial project that is finally about to be published. Darklaga : Cannonball Symphony has just gone gold, and we are in the process of setting up a working registration and sales server to be able to distribute the game. Meanwhile, we have released a (short) demo version of the game. Darklaga is a PocketPC Manic Shoot'em Up game that I have been working on for a year now (for those interested, it will be sold for $9.95) and it quite sums up most of the things I would have enjoyed seeing in other games. With 16 levels and 10 game modes, I guess it has something to offer to just anyone :) You can find more information (+ screenshots, videos and the demo!!) here.

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