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Const Question

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The compiler complains: "''StreamOut'' : cannot convert ''this'' pointer from ''const class CPlayer'' to ''class CPlayer &''" Can''t you call methods on static classes? I don''t change anything in the CPlayer class in the StreamOut function...
void CPacket:<img src="tongue.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>layer(const CPlayer& me)
	packettype = PT_PLAYER;
	me.StreamOut((void*)data, length);
	length += sizeof(CPacket) - sizeof(data);
	serialnum = GenerateSerial(serialnum);
	ecc = GenerateECC();

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Guest Anonymous Poster
My guess is you have not declared ''StreamOut'' as const in the CPlayer class. ie: void StreamOut( void *, int ) const; You can''t call non const functions on cost objects.


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