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Good tile engine Tutorials

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I''ve looked in the Articles section of this website, but the articles on Tile engines haven''t really helped me grasp a GOOD understand of programming a tile-based engine, so can any of you point me towards some good tutorials that teach tile-based engines? If you place an infinate amount of monkeys in a room with an infinate amount of type-writers, it is likely that within time, they will have typed up the entire workings of Shakespeare.

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I just recently began learning about tile engines and I too looked at the gamedev articles and said this is all a bunch of crap. But this not too old article from gamedev really started me off:


I hope you won''t get pissed off that I gave u a link from gamedev cuz u said u looked at all of em, but there isn''t really any place on the web that''s good. After you look at that article just ask a million questions on the msg boards until u understand it, that''s what I did and am still doing Also if you have any questions I will continue helping you thru this post.

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