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DefWindowProc Freezes

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I tried looking up some other threads in this forum, but they didnt seem to help. My WndProc: ------------------ LRESULT CALLBACK CWin32Window::WndProc(HWND hWindow, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) { switch (uMsg) { case WM_PAINT: //ValidateRect(hWindow, NULL); //return 0; break; case WM_DESTROY: m_bWindowClosed = TRUE; break; default: return DefWindowProc(hWindow, uMsg, wParam, lParam); } return DefWindowProc(hWindow, uMsg, wParam, lParam); } ------------------- I'm having issues with WM_PAINT messages spamming my PeekMessage loop (which I didnt have until just recently). Now they just hang the DefWindowProc function to death, and I get an unresponsive window. Peek Message Loop: ------------------- while(bRun) { bGotMsg = ( PeekMessage( &msg, NULL, 0U, 0U, PM_REMOVE ) != 0 ); if( bGotMsg ) { // Translate and dispatch the message if( 0 == TranslateAccelerator( mainWnd->getWindowHandle(), NULL, &msg ) ) { TranslateMessage( &msg ); DispatchMessage( &msg ); } if (mainWnd->isWindowClosed()) bRun = false; } else { render()... etc... } } --------------- Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this :) I also tried handling the WM_PAINT message myself in WndProc using the BeginPaint / EndPaint functions and ValidateRect. Using either combination results in the hung window so I'm guessing that the DefWindowProc function hangs when It executes those functions.

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