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graveyard filla

does anyone use Visio? (and a V question)

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hi, im curious, does anyone here use Visio to make diagrams for their projects? also, which diagram do you use? i cant seem to find a diagram where i can put my classes and how they interact. also, im doing this for a client / server game, so if theres a special diagram that can allow me to put a "message diagram" , that is, show all the messages being sent from/to the client/server, that would be awesome.. i cant seem to find anything like this. but basically, i want to model the interaction between the client / server. however, some day in the future i might want to model the interaction between classes in the general structure of the game, so id like to know how to do that, too. thanks for any help.

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visio as far as programming's concerned basically just supports UML, you probably want what's known as a UML 'class diagram'. You can model your client, server and messages as classes and put send / receieve 'operations' (member functions in C++, methods in java) on the client and server boxes.

where you would normally write class X { .... }; put in a class 'box' titled 'X' and where you would write a function on a class

class X{
int getScore(){ ...}

you can put that in the functions as 'operations' (thats probably what visio calls them) on that class box. feel free to draw 'dependencies' (dotted lines) between the server & message, cient and message etc. - UML is a bit of an art rather than a science.

if you look for 'introduction to UML' guides and look for class-diagrams you'll probably find more info than you need.

actually class-diagrams are very useful for describing the 'relationships' in a program/application/system; but a 'sequence-diagram' might also be useful to you since that allows you to model the order of a sequence of events - e.g. a request message going out of the client into the server and a reply message coming back.

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