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looking for a color in a RECT

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The following code has an infinite loop in it. Since this doesn't work, can someone explain why? All I want to do is to detect if a certain color is inside a given RECT. Anyone know how?
	//thid function declares and Zeros the struct
	DDSURFACEDESC2 sd = Attacker->GetSurfaceDesc();
	RECT rct = GetOverlapRect(GetSizeRect(Attacker), 
        //this function calls lock for the surface
	Surface->LockSurface(rct, sd);

	LPDWORD pixels = (LPDWORD)(sd.lpSurface);
	DWORD colour = pixels[0];

	for(int i=0;i<sizeof(pixels);i++)
		colour = pixels[i];
		if(colour == COLLISION_COLOR)
                   //this function calls unlock for the surface
			return true;
	return false;

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A few comments on that code:
  • sizeof(pixels) is always 4 (on 32-bit CPUs) because pixels is a pointer.
  • This line is redundant: DWORD colour = pixels[0]; since colour is overwritten in the loop.
  • UnlockSurface() isn't called if theres no collision.
  • I don't see any infinite loop in that code.

    You want to change your loop so that its:
    for(int i=0;i<(rct.right-rct.left)*(;i++)
    So you loop for each pixel in the RECT.

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