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Setting DX render states for a 2D game-HELP

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_Phalanx_    180
Hey, Im writing a 2D game with DirectX, It is a top down shooter and I am drawing ships by simply pasting textures onto rects. And am using point sprites with textures on them for bullets. Anyways, im worried direct is preforming all kinds of 3D stuff that is not necisary for what im doing, pretty much the only advanced thing I am using is alpha blending. So i was wondering how I should set the render states and what FVF feilds I should use. Thanks alot.

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Mushu    1396
For 2D stuff I personally use:

ZEnable = False
Lighting = False

and just don't set up the world/projection matrices. Works fine for me, but I'm sure there's a better way to go about it.

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