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Milkshape animation problem

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This is the routine I tried to build a .X from a .3ds in milkshape 3d 1) Import the model from .3ds and setting frame no to 30 2) create a joint 3) Select Vertex which are going to be affected by the joint 4) Push 'anim' button 5) Set keyframe which the original position of a forklift truck on frame 1, I just want to animate the fork 6) Move the slider to end hence 30 7) Animate the fork 8) set keyframe 9) Playback ok 10) export to .X with JIT DirectX Exporter 11) On the left panel, most of the options are unchecked, but on the right, most of them are 12) View from Mesh Viewer 13) Result: the whole forklift moves Could anyone point out which step I should go wrong? Thanks Jack

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