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Weird Gamma fading, DirectDraw

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Hello all I'm playing around with DirectDraw and right now I'm trying out the Gamma control fading technique. I used the article in GameDev on Gamma Control fading. But is this supposed to get me a good, smooth fading? Cause I get something that looks like the screen is burned or something. You can see the colors changing - instead of it getting darker, as a good, smooth fade should be. Also I can hear my graphics card working on the gamma control, it sounds like "meeeep", under the "hood" of the computer. Not high, but it's there. If a use the DDSGR_CALIBRATE as in the article when updating the gamma control it get's really slow. It stops when getting a bit and then goes on again, with colors being badly faded. SetGammaRamp(DDSGR_CALIBRATE, &ddGammaRamp); When I try sending 0 to SetGammaRamp all three times - it is more smooth, without stopping, but still with the weird colors. SetGammaRamp(0, &ddGammaRamp); Is this supposed to happen? Weird colors? I've tried the game with fading on other different computers - same result. So it shouldn't be hardware related. My computer is 700MHz dell laptop with shitty 8MB ATI graphics. The other computers where AMD Athlon 2400MHz or something, with 128MB graphics card, and a 2000GHz HP laptop with 64MB graphics card. All these computers could hardly have the same problem with the hardware not being able to fade with gamma control, am I right? Thanks

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