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Is there a market for mac games ??

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Hi, I was thinking about market for mac games ? does it exist ? what I'm talking about is more like downloadble games/shareware kinda like what realarcade/bigfish/popcap does. I've been searching the net only to find a few but it's all for free download (not really indie stuff)

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Feedback from the indie java games devs is approximately:

windows market = 10 times as big as OS X = 10 times as big as linux

OS X purchase rate = 20 times as high as windows = 20 times as high as linux.

i.e. you'll get more windows players than anything else, but overall your largest number of purchases comes from OS X users - even though they're a much smaller market.

And linux users are a waste of time, as far as commercial games devs are concerned.

A lot of java devs are starting to home in on the OS X market because it's so easy to program for it, but there's still so many bugs in Apple's JVM that you need some help and/or a Mac to test it on (at least until Apple fix all their serious bugs), which is slowing things down.

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