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Power Render 4 Progress

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Here is my list from a couple months ago. Thought I should go back and see how I''m doing. Character System/Editor: -Blend two motions together ** Completed ** -Aim particles in a direction ** Completed ** -Inventory system / attaching items to bipeds Library Changes: - Dump screenshot example ** Completed, new PR_DumpScreenshot function ** - Reorganize directories, remove platform specific things like winclude, winlib, etc ** Completed ** - Remove all traces of: Shadetables, 3DFX, MSGLIDE, MSDD, WIN32, WATCOMC, setpalette, real_uv ** Completed ** - Specular lighting ** Completed ** - Direction lights with falloff - 3D Lines - Screen saver example - Winamp plugin example - Mesh Dynamic LOD? - Stencil buffer shadow generation? - Test dualhead on Win98 to make sure it still works with latest drivers - Test Lights in hardware T&L (spot, point) - New portal example - Change Resolution example - .X file support - 3D Sound example (Directsound3D, EAX etc) - Dot3 bump mapping ** half done ** - Cubic Environment mapping - Cartoon rendering - Streaming WAV example - Fix zbuffer software/T&L differences Terrain Engine: - Hardware T&L version ** Completed ** - Terrain Editor ** Half done ** - Update Documentation - Updated Web site As you can see I''ve been spending a lot of time on the terrain editor mainly. When that is done I''ll go back and finish off that inventory system for the characters. I have most of the object manipulation done in the editor. I''m going to add in a few more options for creating the terrain texture (texture based on slope as well as height) and then hopefully have a fully working beta available for testing. I''m also making up a new terrain engine library that is used by LStudio and your own programs to load and display the levels. Chris

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PR3 will be fine for the first project I have lined up, but PR4 sounds like it''d rock for a first-person RPG design I''ve had lying around for a while.....!


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