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VRMesh 1.1 release C Smart form & Digital clay

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VirtualGrid, developers of innovative 3D software, announces VRMesh 1.1 - a new style of sketch-based free-form 3D polygonal modeling software, which is based on our new groundbreaking techniques ¨C Smart Form and Digital Clay. These techniques allow you to create any 3D form you can imagine as freely, quickly, and effectively. The Smart Form techniques create an editable object directly from a sketched curve, based on our polygonal parametric surface meshing algorithms. The object is characterized with dense parallel profile curves. A bundle of profile curve tools are available in VRMesh for you to modify the object, such as flex, move, skin, delete, and insert profile curves. The Digital Clay techniques work on unstructured triangle meshes, based on our advanced constraint fairing methods. The intuitive interface allows you to design quite complex free form with the Morph, Soft Brush, Crease Brush, Round Brush and Smooth Brush commands. The Smooth Brush command allows you to smooth a region with remeshing triangles in the region. The local region subdivision method, which is merged into the brush commands, allows you to add details in a region. Therefore, it is possible to create a low polygonal object with high details. And also, a lot of traditional modeling tools are included into VRMesh, such as Fillet, Extrusion, Sweep, Revolve, Boolean, etc. Feature highlights in VRMesh include: ¡¤ Smart Form ¨C quickly create an object. ¡¤ Digital Clay ¨C effectively design a complex object. ¡¤ Profile Edit ¨C easily update an object. ¡¤ Extrusion ¨C freely change topology. ¡¤ Fillet ¨C freely merge objects. In short, you can quickly create a free-form object from a sketched curve, as well as edit the object with the digital clay tools, profile tools, Extrusion tools, fillet tools, etc. VRMesh 1.1 is a powerful, flexible and comprehensive tool for the general modeling work, and especially suitable for the earlier (conceptual) design communication in the 3d industrial design and development process. The VRMesh 1.1 is available immediately for window platforms for a suggested retail price of USD $185, with a limited-time welcome price of USD $105.

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