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One component of my general purpose game programming foundation classes is a resource bundling / loading class... Essentially, my idea involved building some code that could recursively scan a directory heirarchy, creating a tree in memory, each node in the tree representing either a data file (like a .WAV, or .JPG) or a directory. Directorys of course have children that are either regular files, or other directorys. I have all of this working. My question now is: Is their any standard way to serialize a tree to disk? Some format that will make it easy to recover it's structure? Im hoping theirs an easy, cool way to do this? :) Another option, of course, is to just throw out the tree nature of the structure, and perhaps simply have a data file with an index preceding it... Tony

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I would just print out the first node and the number of children it has, then each child and the number of children the have, etc..


function traverse(node)
print node, print # of children (0 if a leaf node)
foreach(child) traverse(child)

then simply traverse(rootnode)

I'm not sure of any standard way to serialize n-ary trees though.

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