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Some Stack Tracing questions

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A few questions I have with doing a stack trace in Windows using the dbgHelp functions. 1. What does the displacement in the function SymGetLineFromAddr and SymGetSymFromAddr stands for??? 2. The lineNumber property in IMAGELP_LINE seems to correspond to the line # at the end of the function (After retrieving with the SymGetLineFromAddr()) . Is there anyway to get the line # where the beginning of the function is?? 3. When I do a stack trace (calling StackWalk() ), the first call and last call results in an PC address offset in the stackframe ( ie STACKFRAME.AddrPC.Offset) that has no matching symbols. How can I detect if the PC address has a valid symbol, without calling SymGetSymFromAddr() and then have the call to fail? ( ie without relying on SymGetSymFromAddr() return false) 4. It seems to me that sometimes the StackWalk will result in a PC address offset of 0. When does that actually happen?? Thanks ahead..

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