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ASCII graphics in VC++

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Hello, My school has got started offering a C++ course this year and the teacher is interested in having the class explore game programming, but hardly knows C++ himself. I''m basically his C++ Consultant Like Guy. I''ve been doing some game programming in windows and have come to the conclusion that any student who barely knows how to construct loops is going to be completely lost in the win32 overhead. While reading a post last night, I had the idea that we might write a simple ASCII graphic adventure game using console applications. Maybe something like ZZT or Kroz (the truly dedicated will know what I''m talking about), only simpler. I''ve found the specs for low level I/O programming using consoles to print text in color and use the extended character set and it seems to me that this is a feasible thing to do. Has anyone out there ever done anything like this using VC++? If so, what are your experiences with it? Do you think fifteen first year C++ students could put something like this together in a month or two? Does anyone have any examples of a final product? Thanks for you input, Telamon PS - If you don''t know of ZZT or Kroz, they are action/adventure games where you play a little smiley face CHR$(0) or CHR$(1) and go around hitting enemies (pi symbols and o''s with unlets) with whips (dashes) and whatnot. Great fun. Try a websearch on "ZZT" if you ever get bored. :-) ----------------------------- Let be be finale of seem, seems to me.

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I did that kind of thing once... It works fine. You just use those low-level io functions to print the happy face... It is a good exercise in simple class design.


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Well, the question is really ... *first years* ???
That''s the only thing I am worried about.
I have some stuff on my hardrive, unfortunately the code uses some libraries I did and lost (but the names are explicit enough). MAybe it could give you ideas. The level is pretty starightforward, for loops, while. But there are calls to mouse functions and io functions; that shouldn''t be too confusing once you explain properly.
I have done a drawing program in ASCII, using the same techniques, and got something like 85% for it in 1st year.

The best thing I can see is to write a simple wrapping class to make input output on the console.
Maybe make them feel confident by starting with some cool screen effects in text mode, then move on to something like you describe. Mail me if you need a hand, I am doing a Masters to become a teacher, so this kind of stuff would also serve me, I''d be glad to help a bit

youpla :-P

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