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problem with LPD3DXBUFFER (writing to file)

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Sorry for stupid question. I have: LPD3DXBUFFER lpError; D3DXCreateEffectFromFile( C_View::p_D3DDevice, fileName, &g_lpEffect, &lpError ); How can I save content lpError to file (in VC++)?

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(1) Allocate a character buffer
(2) Copy the error buffer into the character buffer
(3) Output to file

// This is our error buffer

// Attempt to create the effect
if( FAILED( D3DXCreateEffectFromFile( d3dDevice, "effect.fx", NULL, NULL, 0, NULL, &effect, &buffer ) ) )
// Error(s) have occured.
// Allocate a character buffer the size of the ID3DXBuffer
char* data = new char[buffer->GetBufferSize()];

// Copy the buffer data over
memcpy( data, buffer->GetBufferPointer(), buffer->GetBufferSize() );

// Open a file and output the error string(s)
FILE* file = fopen( "errors.txt", "w" );
fprintf( file, "%s", data );
fclose( file );

// Release allocated objects
delete[] data;

return E_FAIL;

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