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Monopoly simulation - coding help

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Hello: I had an idea a couple of days ago to build a monopoly simulator in c++, the idea came to me basicly to test different strategies and methods of playing. Thinking about it a little more I thought that maybe it could evolve into a very complex game, think about a program that will read a file that the user created and will play monopoly based on those "rules" or strategies ( ei. buy everything when you can afford it, only buy certain porperties or colors, don''t buy railroads, (try to ) keep 500 dollars of petty cash if more than 4 monopolies are on the board (or three opponent owned monopolies), buy parkplace ... etc...). The first goal is to create a game that plays monopoly good based on a set of static rules (but the rules will reside in one source file (Player.h). When I get that down I''ll move on to read strategies from file and maybe later a gui for the strategy rules (separate from game). Anyway, I am going to school and working so I don''t have time to implement all this as soon as I want to play it!. We''ll divide source files (.h .cpp pair) and all will contribute to common.h. I already have something going if you like to read (Player.h/.cpp Board.h/cpp and Property.h/cpp (this last one is a class but didn''t have to). Please e-mail to Thanks and happy coding!

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