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Dx9 Where is CopyRects

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a. IDirect3DDevice9::StretchRect()
b. IDirect3DDevice9::UpdateSurface()

2) If you're using this to do 2D blits, then IMO it would be better for you to use textured sprites instead.

[EDIT: bah, waaay too late [smile]]

a. BornToCode: you need to give us more information than "None of them are working". That's like walking into a hospital and not telling the doctor any more than "it hurts" - we need more clues to give a diagnosis or suggest any treatment...

b. In what way do StretchRect() or UpdateSurface() "not work"?
- not compiling?
- not linking?
- no output?
- program runs slow?
- graphical corruption?
- user mode crash (e.g. Access Violation)?
- kernel mode crash (e.g. blue screen of death)?
- breaks computer?...

c. What have you tried already to rectify whichever fault you've seen?

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Things almost definitely happen, you're just not seeing any of them. What HRESULT codes do the functions return? What does the DirectX debug spew tell you?

Read through some chunks of the Forum FAQ (particularly the stuff about how to debug a DirectX app) and see if you can gather any more information. We're not psychic, we can't tell you why your code isn't working unless you cooperate and tell us more about what's going on.

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