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graveyard filla

when to start looking for an internship?

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hi, im currently a full time CIS major. i graduate with my associates degree in the summer. however, i am staying to get my bachelers. i go full time for 3 semesters a year, so it should only take another year and 4 months to get my bachelers once i receive my associates. anyway, im curious when i should start looking for internships. ive been searching, but i dont see any internship job offers for programming, at least not in my area. how do you find internships? what else general advice could you offer me? my skills right now are pretty much in C++. i dont really know any other languages. i do however know a little PL/SQL / Oracle though, but not that much. thanks a lot for any help. ps, sorry if this forum wasn't appropriate. i just wanted to get real answers and not have it get buried on the 5th page in the lounge. thanks again.

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